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Garage Door SpringsWe have a business that we are proud to say is the best around. Our garage door company is more called then any other garage door company around. We handle all different kinds of garage door services. We can repair, replace, or install any part on the door, including the whole door itself. We offer the best in prices, and the very best in services. When we receive your call, we will come to your location as quick as we can. We offer free estimates and will help you decide the best route to go with any repairs or installations. Our garage door company is who you should call with all of your garage door needs.

There are a lot of different services that we as a garage door contractor perform on garage doors. One of the calls we get a lot for is garage door springs. These springs will usually last about 10,000 cycles. When something goes wrong with these springs, they cannot be repaired. You will have no choice but to have new garage door springs installed. These springs are an important part of the garage door without properly--working springs, the door will not open and close as it should. Our garage door company can change these out safely and efficiently.

There are two different garage door springs, depending on the weight of the door. If your door is a heavy one, then you will need torsion springs. These come in pairs. There will be a pair on each side of the top of your door. For a lighter door, there are extension springs. There is only one of these for each side of the door. Do not ever try and replace or install these springs by yourself. They are dangerous because they can snap and injure someone very badly. Always call our garage door company  to do these springs for you.

Dedicated provider of commercial garage door hinges.

You can also buy galvanized garage door springs. These can either be extension or torsion springs. They have a special coating on them that will not only look better on your garage door, but will also keep the springs from rusting as fast. At our garage door company, we sell all of these different kinds of springs and will be glad to come out and install them for you.

Our garage door service has been in business for many years. We have the experience and background to back us up on every job that we do. Every one of our garage door contractors have been well trained in garage doors. There is not a garage door question they cannot answer or a service that they can not do. We do everything we can to satisfy our customers and will make sure you are happy with the completed job, or we will stay until you are. Call us today and find out why we are the best garage door company in Oceanside.

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